100% Electric Ford Mk1 Cortina – Specs

Short on time and just want the nitty gritty details? Here they are:

  • Battery: Tesla 31kWh (5 liquid-cooled modules from a 2018 Model X 100D)
  • Range ~180 kms
  • Motor: Netgain HyPer9 AC electric motor, 100kW peak, 235Nm (173lb/ft) torque, 120V
  • Performance: 0-100km/h in ~7.5sec; top speed: not tested above 130km/h yet…
  • Drivetrain: Reconditioned 4.44 ratio diff; reconditioned Mk2 Cortina 4 speed manual gearbox with high performance clutch (can be driven “clutchless” like an automatic in a single gear, or shift gears like a manual)
  • Charger: Stealth EV 3.3kW combination charger and DC-DC converter
  • Charging sockets:
    • AC: Type 1 (for home charging) in the old fuel filler position – overnight charging;
    • DC: CHAdeMO (for fast charging at public DC fast chargers) in the old exhaust pipe location – approx 30-60min recharge time.
  • Electric air conditioning using high voltage compressor running of the main battery pack
  • BMS (Battery Management System): Orion BMS2
  • Regenerative braking – selectable off pedal braking (Hi-Lo-Off)
  • Gauges: Original analogue fuel gauge repurposed as battery gauge, plus a suite of digital gauges using Torque Pro on Android head unit
  • Finished weight 1007kg, about 100kg over stock.
  • 4 retractable seat belts and 2 child safety anchors.

Electric Cortina from the underside, showing the Hyper9 motor coupled to the original drivetrain. Image Copyright: Charged Garage