Electric Car Conversion – how far can you go?

Range test – 100% to 0%

So it was time to test out the range in the all-electric Ford Cortina following a recent battery upgrade. After stripping out a wrecked Tesla Model X100D, which have the rarer, more energy-dense 6.2kWh battery modules, I was able to swap out the previous 5.3kWh Tesla modules with the 6.2s to create a 30kWh pack.

Over the course of a few days I drove from Brisbane to Yatala return (to visit the amazing MR Tuning workshop), then up to Traction EV in Morayfield, who then did a bit of country road driving through Caboolture, Glasshouse Mountains and back to Morayfield. The safety cut-off kicked in just before making it back home, so it was definitely run down to around 0%.

Most of the driving was highway driving at 80-100kph, with no passengers, but some legs had 1 or even 3 passengers. Apart from the last 10% where it was nursed (as there were real fears about making it home), the majority of the driving was spirited – definitely not attempting to “hypermile” to inflate the potential range figure.

The result

Even though the final figure was 195km from 99.5% to 0%, it’s safe to say the real range (which is variable anyway depending on many factors and conditions) is more like 180kms.

Which is still pretty good considering it’s more than I would ever need to drive in a single hit, and I still have a light, nimble car with a large functioning boot space.

Next time should I try “hypermiling” at lower speed around the neighbourhood to see what the maximum range is that I could eke out?