Recent articles and interviews in the press – updated Oct ’21

The all electric Cortina has picked up a bit of media coverage lately. Here’s a fantastic article by Iain Curry from EV Central. He took some great shots of the car and even had a quick drive which he enjoyed thoroughly. Given he drives high performance vehicles for a living this was quite a compliment!

How’s this for an illustrious list to be included in? The SHOP MAG from the USA ran a great feature article in the November issue about ePerformance and Plugged In Classics… and the humble little Cortina conversion was included amongst some of the heavy-hitters in the “electro-modding” scene from around the world!

Many of these cars had budgets easily in the six figures, in comparison ours of around $30k is chump change so it’s cool that this article appreciated it and gave it the same coverage as the other high-profile conversions. Click on the link to jump straight to the full article:

And back in August, CarsGuide interviewed me for an article on “A guide to converting your old car to electric”:

Update October 2021:

Lots more media coverage for the Cortina recently:

Cover feature in Classic Ford magazine:

Six page spread in iconic Street Machine magazine, along with a feature on their YouTube channel:

After winning the “Best in Category” for electric vehicles at the RACQ Motorfest 2021, the Cortina made the Channel 9 news and a small writeup in The Road Ahead magazine:

And lastly the Cortina made the front page of the national ABC News homepage:

Here’s some more pics by Iain Curry: