Tesla Kombi EV Conversion video series – the start

What’s that? An electric conversion of a classic VW bus using a full Tesla battery pack and Tesla 300hp motor? Yes that’s our new project – and we are hoping you want to see the progress, so we are going to document the build and reveal all the details in these blog pages and on YouTube!

The first installment is about choosing the right type of van to convert. We learnt the hard way and hopefully this video helps identify some of the considerations with respect to engineering a bus to accommodate a Tesla drivetrain.

In the next few videos and posts we’ll be talking about the plans for the conversion, and sourcing the Tesla parts. Please tell us what you want to hear about by making comments on the video.

5 thoughts on “Tesla Kombi EV Conversion video series – the start

  1. Great ! thanks for publishing

    Can you talk about the usability of 3D printing of parts for such a custom project ?

    1. 3d printing is often done in plastic, and that could suck. However, you can take your home made part to a machinist, or a forge and ask them to use it as a blank, and remake that part out of steel or bronze, in case you need it to stand up to force and pressure. Sometimes 3D printing is a bad idea. If there isn’t a cheap machinist in your area, check out ones in agricultural areas, prices are often more affordable there anyways.

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