Upcycled Charged Garage Workshirts

Keeping with our mantra of “giving a new lease of life on old sh*t” we’ve taken a box of NOS (new old stock) USA industrial workshirts that have been sitting around my house for years and upcycled them for our strictly limited range of Charged Garage vintage modern workshirts.

I had this box of genuine Red Kap workshirts from the USA leftover from a previous life, some were screenprinted already with the old band name on the back (still not sure what to do with those) but a few were still untouched and waiting to be repurposed into something more useful. And what is more useful than an industrial-strength button up workshirt for wrenching in the garage?

So we’ve now got a very limited number of these tough button-up workshirts in random sizes and colours available for purchase if anyone is interested. I’ve raided my collection of vintage sew-on patches to give you total choice of customisation of the front.

  • Want an old-timey name patch? Check.
  • A random old USA company patch? Check.
  • A dubious conversation-starter name patch? Check that too.
All workshirts have the same large back print

New Cheaper Prices

Based on feedback from the first batch – the crest logo on the front chest has been screenprinted on ALL the available workshirts now. Every shirt still has the same large “Electrified Classics” print across the back in a vintage off-white colour.

  • $25 AUD for any workshirt pictured, with a screenprinted Charged Garage crest on front left pocket, and huge back print .
  • $5 AUD extra for a patch which is up to the buyer to attach.
  • $10 AUD postage within Australia, or pickup can be arranged at a car show around Brisbane.

Examples of patches and colours, see below for availabilities

Some notes on sizing

I only have what is currently listed below, and once they’re gone, they’re gone I’m afraid. These are USA workshirts so generally run pretty big. For example, a US XL is probably like an Australian XXL. I’ve had the long length shirts hemmed to a standard length (except for one L dark shirt which is still long length).

This is the sizing chart from Red Kap (in inches):

Medium size

These are the available Medium sized workshirts. The Union ICE patch is already sewn-on the navy shirt.

Large size

These are the available Large sized workshirts. The lower right has some wear above the pockets from old patches, and is long length shirt.

Extra Large size

These are the available XL workshirts. The chambray shirt (bottom row right) is a western style with pop-stud buttons and western style cut.

Choose your own Patch!

Customize your own workshirt with a kooky vintage patch! These are from my own personal collection that have been hoarded for years but now is their time to be released back into the wild. Many are bound to be a conversation starter! Check em out:

These are the ONLY patches I have, most are one-offs and may already be taken, so please list several preferences on the order form.

How to order

This is old school ordering for old school threads. Complete the form below and I will email you back with the final price, postage and payment details. Or you can email info@chargedgarage.com with any questions.

I can’t guarantee availability but will aim to take orders on a first-in-first-served basis.

If you miss out (or the sizes/colours don’t suit) there are standard t-shirts available in a variety of colours and sizes here.

Thanks for looking!