Welcome to Charged Garage news!

It’s time to start thinking differently about classic cars. It’s time for affordable, hassle-free cruising, without it costing the earth.

We’re bringing modern technology to timeless classics without losing the analogue feel, and making them easier than ever to enjoy.

This is what Charged Garage is all about.

We will bring you the news about our concept for the future of classic cars, right here. Please follow and stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Welcome to Charged Garage news!

  1. Life is amazing, yet you wonder at timing. I am a humble simple electrician, And have been “ into cars” for most of my 61 years. I was, for a number of years, a member of the British Ford Club of Qld, as My wife and I lived in The Narangba, Burpengary area for 26 years. Love early Cortinas, had a number of them. Often thought I would like to electrify one, but time, money and frankly a little beyond my expertise. Four years ago moved to the Sydney region to be near elderly parents. And now, I find someone in my old backyard has done just that. Excited to see this done, wish I could still be down the road, to see it first hand. maybe one day. Keep up the good work, wish you success For the future.
    Trevor McNair

    1. Thanks Trevor! What a great note! If you are ever back in Brisbane send us a note and I’ll show you the Cortina. Cheers!

  2. I love your philosophy of old cars are to drive. I have a 1960 Jaguar Mark IX. It was the latest and greatest in its day. The style and interior workmanship are still excellent. The motor idles poorly, trans leaks, and gas tanks are rusted internally. She can handle the weight of batteries, as the original motor and transmission weighs about 700#. I cannot afford some of the professional swaps, but I am handy. I am seriously looking into swapping something would equal 250HP, be it hybrid or pure electric. I would love to scrap a Tesla and get what I need to make this classic smooth and quiet. Seeing that you have done it, gives me hope I can actually pull this off.
    Keep up the encouragement.

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